Saturday, November 28, 2009

21st Century Learning Spaces

What learning spaces need to be designed in a new school today to remain current 30 years from now? The possibilities are endless and exciting. What often constrains one in thinking about possible ideas and solutions to future proof an educational environment is mental models embedded in a 20th century mode of education. This industrialist mentality thinks about traditional classroom structure, student ratios of 1:30, doors that close, 9.00-3.00pm timetable, libraries with books etc. How do we leave the past to think creatively about possibilities to enable learning like it hasn't been enabled before.
Maybe a starting point is to think about the types of learning that can occur in a day. For example one on one conferencing with a peer of the teacher, peer conferencing, small group teaching with the teacher, large group teaching, demonstration using visual media, independent study and focus time, social learning opportunities to collaborate on or off line to collectively work on a shared problem or opportunity.
How do we make the most of the indoor, out door learning flow? How can court yards be created to support learning? How might the furniture be designed to be multi-purpose in partitioning and storing, charging mobile devises?
The mind wants to wander ... Lots to think about in creating a learning organisation to support 21st teaching and learning. Am sure if I ask the kids they will have all the best ideas!
I guess the most challenging part is creating the 21st century pedagogy to match.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Teaching and Learning Blue Print

Here is a prezi presentation on some thoughts and ideas about a teaching and learning blue print for Mt Wellington School. The 3 key cornerstones to embed significant and sustainable change are highlighted.
Vision = student profile = teacher practice
All three components I believe need to be aligned

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Stonefields Development - The Environment

I have taken myself to the Stonefields development a few times just to sit and soak up the atmosphere. The land for the school is right in the middle of the community. The building is well and truly underway. Considerable building will continue for some time to establish the 2900 dwellings on this 110 hectare site.

Where to begin...?

I decided it may be helpful to others starting a new school to collaborate and share this start up school story. My immediate reaction when I was appointed was 'Where do you begin...?' Who has done it before...? What worked well...? What didn't work so well...? I want to ask those people If you had your time again what would you do differently...? How are you enabling a future focused school to meet the needs of 21st century learners? Mobile devices or thin client? Mac or PC? The list of questions I have goes on.
I hope this blog becomes a place where colleagues can share, collaborate, critique and reflect. My ultimate goal is that it will indeed one day be a useful resource for others faced with the same challenge. It won't hold all the answers however it will tell a story.
The journey begins ...